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Wedding Card Generator Software

Wedding Card Generator Software
Software Description :

Wedding card designing program can design bulk number of invitation cards using advanced data set series feature. Wedding Card Designing Software designs invitation cards in different colors, shapes and sizes as per your need.

Software Features :-

  • Designs beautiful wedding cards : Wedding card designer software easily designs invitation cards in different shapes including rectangle, ellipse, rounded rectangle and CD/DVD shape.
  • Advanced email settings : Wedding card designing program provides inbuilt email settings to send designed wedding card at user specified email address.
  • Easily designs bulk numbers of invitation cards : Wedding card making software easily design bulk numbers of wedding invitation cards using batch processing series option.
  • Provides inbuilt printing settings : Wedding card design software is equipped with inbuilt printing settings to print designed invitation cards.
  • Design wedding card using designing tools : Wedding card software designs attractive wedding invitation cards using Text, ClipArts, Signature, WordArt, Barcode other designing objects.
  • Creates invitation card using templates : Wedding Card Designing Software provides wide-variety of predefined templates to design customized invitation card.