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Business Card Generator Software

Business Card Generator Software
Software Description :

Business Card Generator Software creates professional business cards in various size and shapes according to your requirements. Business card designer program uses advanced card designing tools like pencil, text, ellipse, rectangle, arc, triangle and star objects to create professional business cards.

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Software Benefits:-

  • Easily creates proficient commercial business cards.
  • Cost-effective, reliable and easy to use business card maker software.
  • Provides user friendly GUI to operate the software.
  • Design visiting card, membership card, business marketing card and other corporate card in simple way.

Key Features :-

  • Design professional business cards : Business card designer software allows user to design and print proficient business cards for different commercial business organizations.
  • Creates multiple business cards : Business card program is fully capable to design multiple business cards simultaneously using advanced data set series feature.
  • Advanced printing settings : Business card generator software uses flexible printing settings to print created business cards.
  • Generates business cards in different shapes : Printable business card maker software can design business cards in various shapes like rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle.
  • Advanced color and background settings : Business card generation software provides advanced color and background settings to create colorful business cards.
  • Saves designed business cards : Business card design software provides facility to save created business cards at user specified location on the PC.
  • Provides facility to edit existing cards : Business card software allows user to design new card or edit existing business cards as per user requirements.